Motorcycles in Traffic: Staying Safe

Be aware of the dangerous spaces for motorcycles and avoid them in order to stay as safe as possible. Motorcyclists are thirty times more likely to be a victim of an accident on the road, especially in areas of high traffic. Biking can make it easier to get around in high traffic areas but the only way to benefit from this is to ensure that you are aware of all the dangers involved.

The most accidents between cars and bikes happens at off ramps and other fast merge traffic situations. When a driver hops in their car and looks over their shoulder to merge lanes, their conscious mind is looking for another vehicle, not a bike. Most travellers avoid passing on the right side of another vehicle but it is occasionally necessary. If you’re going to pass on the right, be sure to avoid doing it around an off ramp.

Vehicles in traffic move fast and you need to react just as quickly to avoid danger as a biker. All bikers hover their finger on the brake lever and their leg is on deck and ready to go for that foot brake at all times. Ensure that you know your brakes and can use them without looking before hitting the road. Any fumble in traffic could land you and your bike in big trouble.

Safety is important and riding without a helmet or with poor biking gear is a big no-no. If you’re willing to risk your life without considering the dangers of riding a bike, than you are probably not responsible enough to have a motorcycle license. Smart bikers wear bright colours, make themselves noticeable on the road and use their lights in order to avoid any unnecessary risk. Leather or denim are the best for biking because they are thick fabrics that won’t obstruct your range of motion.

These choices will help keep you safe from any burns and keep road rash to a minimum if you were to ever fall off your bike on the pavement. Wearing a helmet is the most important thing that any biker can do.

Motorcycles leave their drivers exposed to the elements and a helmet with a visor is one of the only ways that bikers can maintain full view of the road. Helmets without visors pose risks to drivers whose view can easily be diminished by wind, sand or anything else in the air when travelling at high speeds.

Be cognizant of the surface you are driving on. Asphalt conditions may seem ideal but within the first ten minutes of rain they can be the most dangerous terrain. Oils are brought up from the ground to the top of the road making it very slippery. Biking can save you time and money on your commute so follow the rules and stay focused while you’re driving to ensure safety for everyone on the roads.