Petrol Motorcycles Vs E-bikes

Petrol motorcycles are great. They have offered an affordable way to move around and entertained people for a long time. But that is about to change. Electric bikes are threatening to dethrone petrol motorcycles by 2030.

This article compares electric vs petrol motorcycles in detail. See why electric motorcycles will win, eventually.


Ahh, range. Petrol-powered motorcycles are clear winners in this section. Everybody thinks electric bikes can run out of juice in the middle of nowhere. And, it would take them more than half an hour to charge. Then there is the charging station issue. If you find someone using it, you’ll have to wait for a long time before getting your turn. That compared with how petrol-powered bikes refill, feels like electron-powered transport still has a long way to go.


Traditional motorcycles come with a lot of moving parts. That means you have to change the oil regularly to keep the bike in good health. Now factor in gasket changes, spark plugs and clutch replacements, and you’ll see how the costs add up.

Electric motorcycles, on the other hand, have fewer moving parts. Only the wheels and motor move, which makes them cheap to maintain. Besides brake pad and tyre replacements, maintaining an e-bike is not only easy but cheap too. The idea is to go for a quality electric motorcycle, and you’ll never worry about sparkplugs ever again.

Fuel Cost

Electricity has always been cheaper than petrol. That means you can spend two cents per mile on an electric bike.

Here’s a real-world example.

An electric bike with 2,800 kilometres on it gobbled up £23 in electricity. Now compare that to a BMW petrol bike that has done 650km at £40. That’s a significant difference that any rider will appreciate. However, that does not mean e-bikes are slower than petrol bikes. Most electric motorcycles can put their petrol-powered cousins to shame on the red light.