Motorcycle Riding: Staying Simple, Safe and Legal

Many times, motorcycle riders do not break the law because they are ignorant of it. Neither are they being arrogant as is widely thought. What often starts out as a short innocent ride may end up being an hour-long trip which puts the rider at loggerheads with the country’s regulations.

This article looks at the simplest gear a rider should have, even on the most straightforward ride, to keep themselves safe and in the legal good books.


A helmet should be a no-brainer at all times. Even if you are riding to the corner shop to fetch breakfast, this is one piece of gear you should not overlook. Sadly, it is the very item that most casual riders do not pay attention to.

Wearing a helmet keeps you safe from head injuries which can be fatal even in the most minor accidents. Thankfully, the modern market has miniature helmets which can be worn with ease and latched onto the bike when not in use.


Even when you are not speeding, the cold breeze that hits you as you ride can be harmful. This is especially so in the long run. There are numerous glove designs to protect you from this. If you are riding around casually, you can go for miniature gloves that do not cover your entire palm. These allow you to carry out other functions such as operating your phone without taking them off.

Bonus tip: To easily access and not forget convenience gear, you should have a special place to keep it. Having a rack like those developed by worksystem for vehicles would be wise. Such an appliance should be located somewhere on your way out of the house or garage so you always see your items on your way out.


The importance of reflective jackets is often overlooked. Still, it can be the difference between life and death in the dusk hours. You do not have to wear a heavy jacket to be conspicuous. Nowadays, there are light strips that can be worn over any clothing to make a rider visible in the dark.


As much as possible, avoid riding in flip flops. No one will arrest you for it, but you are putting yourself in great danger whenever you do it. For one, it exposes you to the cold breeze that every rider should avoid. Secondly, it puts you at greater risk of getting injured in the event of a crash.

Motorcycle riding is more than just about being on the side of the law. Every rider should ask themselves about their personal safety every time they hop onto a bike. If it is not enough for your own protection, then it is probably not legal. You do not have to wait until an officer of the law catches up with you to make amends. It will be for the benefit of everyone if riders take the first step towards enhancing their own safety. You can actualise this by starting a safe riding culture on your own.