Best of the Best in Motorcycle Rallies

Motorcross isn’t the only two wheeled motorized sport that draws impressive crowds. Motorcycles have a large and loyal following all over the world. Motorcycling is different in so many ways from motorcross from the larger, more decorative helmets that differ largely from the sportier motocross helmets to the leisurely nature of motorcycling as well as the people and places associated with the activities. Let’s look at some of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world:

Sturgis Rally
This is a rally that is a household name for those in the motorcycle world having been around since 1938 and being one of the most important events for those who live, love and appreciate motorcycling. This rally takes place in August and is named after the host town of Sturgis which is a small town located in South Dakota. The rally draws crowds from all over the world and consists of multiple events which is hard to believe given that the rally started as a group of about two dozen riders racing in just a couple of races. The rally also brings in about $800 million each year which is great for the local economy and wellbeing.

Daytona Bike Week
Unsurprisingly, the second largest motorcycle event also takes place in the United States. This event is unique because it is a whole week of events and has been for over 70 years in a row, without any breaks or halts. The race originated back in 1937 and was a simple race that was held on two different roads; one made of sand, one made of stone. In 1942, the event was cancelled because of World War II, however, the loyal attendees still showed up and had an unofficial party. To this day, the event draws an impressive event draws over 500 000 bikers and enthusiasts and lasts upwards of 10 days.

Laconia Motorcycle Week
Another event that lasts an entire week, this event takes place in… you guessed it.. the United States. This is actually, despite being smaller than the two previously mentioned events, the original and oldest rally in the entire country. The lakeside views and scenic backdrop make it a sought after destination for all of those in the motorcycle world. In addition, there are some unique events that are for everyone including the largest beer belly contest. The events are fun and draw crowds from all over the world. Another unique event to this rally is the Washington Auto road which is a road that actually traverses and ascends the highest peak in the Northeastern United States.

If you haven’t already, consider checking out one of these annual events to experience Motorcycle culture.