Kawasaki Bikes

Kawasaki is highly regarded by bike fans as manufacturers of heavy motorcycles in Japan. Here are their very best models ever produced:

  • ZX-6R

Interestingly this bike sacrifices comfort for increased performance. It would be assumed that this would turn off customers but has in fact proved to increase sales. This bike squeezes as much power as possible out of its engine, giving it fantastic performance economy.

  • ZX-10R

This bike far outshines similar models made by rival companies. Over the past few years there have been several redesigns to the ZX-10R. This means that customers get a choice in which specific variant is best for their riding style.

  • ZXR750

This is perhaps the archetype for all future bikes made by Kawasaki. It is considered a classic superbike by fans of the brand. Its original 1989 design has become iconic and copied by numerous models afterwards.

  • GPz750 Turbo

During the 1980’s the GPz750 Turbo was seen as a milestone of technological innovation. It led to a craze where turbo bikes surged in popularity. The 750cc motor of this model was larger than competing bikes and gave it a far superior fuel injection.