Motorcycle Materials: What To Check Before You Ride

Most of the responsibilities in riding a motorcycle take place before you even get on the bike. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure the bike is in good riding condition and if the rider is unaware of these risks before hitting the road, there is an increased risk involved in the trip. Bikers need to check their bikes and inspect the different pieces of their bike individually.

Each bike is powered in a different way. Some motorcycles are powered through belts, some shafts and others shafts and belts. Check the belts and chains before you get on the road because those materials power your bike and any issue with these pieces could render you completely powerless. A broken belt will bust if it was improperly adjusted or if there are pulls or tears in the belt already. Turn the back wheel to see the chain on your bike move. Check for imperfections on the chain and whether it is too loose or too tight. Each of those issues will be sure to land you in a big accident.

Make sure that none of your tanks are leaking fluid. There are a number of different fluid receptacles on your motorcycle and it is your responsibility to endure that those are not leaking and they all contain enough fluid for your ride. Remember that a motorcycle is both more fragile than a vehicle and much more more complicated. The system can use up fluids much quicker than any automobile and although some bikes have fuel gages, some bikes don’t have that feature at all.

Fuel use will differ depending on the style of your bike and where you are riding your bike. Curvy backroads with a lot of twists and turns use a lot more fuel than a basic commute in the city.

Keep checking the motorcycle itself for over heating. Most bikes are made of materials that can get hot if they are left in the sun for a long period of time. Some pieces may get hot even if left in the sun for a short period of time. Understanding your bike is essential to avoiding any unnecessary headaches. If you want to have a worry free ride, you’ll want to know that all of these features are in peak condition.