A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Essential Motorcycle Gear

It is always a thrill to ride motorcycles, whether you’re a professional rider or a regular commuter. This is because riding a bike gives us a sense of freedom, and relieves our mental stress. We cannot deny the fact, that motorcycles form an essential mode of travel and transport, because of their excellent efficiency, as well as inexpensive nature. However, it is also undoubtedly true that motorcycles are a less safe means of transportation, as compared to four-wheelers. If you’re looking for a hassle-free medical consultation, general physicians are available at livi.co.uk on the go. That’s why it is essential for a rider to wear proper motorcycle gear, especially when going for long rides, or during heavy traffic. Let’s go through all the essential motorcycle safety gear, which a rider should definitely use.


You should always remember to choose a high-quality helmet as if your life depends on it because it does. Instead of going for a cheaper quality helmet to save a few pounds, maximise your investment by choosing a best in the class helmet, so that your head will remain safe. It has been estimated that most motorcycle injuries are head related; that’s why you should never take the safety of your head for granted. We also recommend buying a full-face helmet, because it is more protective, as compared to dirt helmets and other such varieties. Besides, helmets are considered as the most essential must-have accessory for motorcyclists.


We usually make use of casual jackets while riding our motorcycles, but it is not a good thing to do when you’re planning to travel a long distance, or on a busy highway. In these cases, casual fashion jackets aren’t enough. You’ll need to buy a jacket that provides protection to the rest of your body parts, such as ribs, spine and arms, etc. Your casual jackets won’t be able to protect your body from the damage caused due to a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle jackets for road safety are manufactured from tough textile materials, which can resist wear and tear, as well as absorb any impact.


You should always make use of full gloves, which protect your fingers and palm, as well as your wrist. Other than that, gloves should have a good grip, so that it becomes easy for a rider to accelerate the motorcycle or apply brakes, etc. The most important property of a glove is the toughness of its material used. The material used in such gloves should be able to resist any abrasions caused, due to an accident.

These are the most essential items for a motorcyclist, but the list doesn’t end here. Other than a helmet, a jacket and gloves, a rider should also wear boots with good grip. Likewise, different varieties of body armour are available for motorcyclists, which are designed to protect specific body parts such as elbows, back and legs, etc.